Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Hop Day 1: Christmas Traditions

Judy and Sherri have kicked off Day 1 of the Chirstmas blog hop with Christmas traditions. Head on over to In A Pinch Design's blog and check out what their favourite Christmas tradition is and why? You can also add your own favourite in their comment section.

So in the spirit of their post, Karen and I have decided to also blog about our own Christmas traditions. Check out the Go Scrapping blog to read Karen's post.

Like most families with children....we do the letter to Santa, reindeer food and, of course, milk and cookies for Santa. But recently, our family started a new Christmas tradition and it is quickly becoming one of my favourites.

A few years ago we bought our girls their own little Christmas tree. We let them pick out their own ornaments, colour theme (silver, blue and white), topper etc. They were both so excited and decided right away it would go in their room. As much as they enjoy helping us to decorate the family tree, they really love getting to decorate their very own from beginning to end.

Why is this my favourite tradition....because like most siblings, my two girls can pretty much disagree with each other about anything and everything. But for those few hours it takes them to put up their tree...there are no disagreements or arguements. They are united in their mission to make their tree look beautiful and it's a joy to watch them do it.



  1. Lucy that is a great story and what a fabulous tradition to start with the girls.

  2. WHat a fantastic tradition for your girls! I think that is a fabulous idea!!