Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 4: For the Love of Scrapbooking

Another day, another post about another great product that we carry here at the store that I simply adore....the Uni-ball Gel Pens from Sanford. These pens are absolutely amazing. They come in six different, silver, black, red, blue and my personal favourite, white. These pens are great for journalling on your layouts or simply for adding a sentiment to your cards. I use them to add faux stitching or doodling to my layouts as well.

The ink flows from them so nicely and they last a while. They dry pretty quickly which for me is a big deal as I have horrible luck when it comes to ink and smudging. With these pens I don't have that worry.

So come in to the store and give them a try. They are on sale until February 14th as part of our for the love of scrapbooking sale, for buy one get one 50% off regular price. Don't forget to check back again tomorrow for another great sale item.


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